• U Joost de Moorstraat 11,
  • 4382 HK Vlissingen

Lorenzo Franzoni

Hi, I am Lorenzo, from Italy! APV is what every student moving to another city would like to find: it does not only provide an accommodation that can fit your preferences and budget, but it is a big family capable of hosting events and making your time in Vlissingen amazing! APV has a diligent and efficient staff, that understands the daily necessities of students, available for you 7/7 free of charge. There is a big difference between renting a room and taking care of a tenant: APV is absolutely able to make you feel at home since day 0, taking into account your needs for a pleasant living. Hurry up!

Marcus Braun

I never regretted signing up with Apv. They always found me the perfect accommodation and supplied me with appliances whenever needed. Cheerful and helpful bunch of professionals with 24/7 availability. Always again!”

Nayab Shoukat

Vlissingen will become your home away from home and APV has the biggest hand in doing so. Fulfil your needs. Since I was coming all the way from Tanzania alone, I was a little afraid of not being able to “fit” in or unable to live on my own, but APV helped me out with providing me with anything I needed and supporting me all the way through the year. They are some of the nicest and most inspiring people I have ever met. You can definitely trust APV that they will live up to your expectations! Welcome to the APV Family!

Mikaela Kracholova

APV is not just an accommodation provider, we are one big family! The staff is friendly, helpful, available whenever you ask for whatever you want- from changing a light bulb to bringing a new bed. They offer all kinds of rooms according to our preferences. The international atmosphere in the campus is amazing – different nationalities all together. And it’s not just that, APV organises different events for helping the students to socialise and have fun at the same time. My home away from home! APV is more than just accommodation!

Vyara Karapachova

APV is not only a company which offers accommodation but something more , its a family. They always make sure that the students are perfectly fine , the accommodation is due to their preferences and to have everything they wish for. The campus and all the houses have a great location near the center and the university but the thing that makes APV worth staying with is the staff. All of the people are incredibly helpful and generous with their time and advice. As a student i can truly say that APV really helped me feel as I am at home and I am happy that I chose them.