• U Joost de Moorstraat 11,
  • 4382 HK Vlissingen

APV Housing extends beyond merely offering campus accommodations, providing students with a diverse range of housing possibilities nestled in the heart of Vlissingen. These properties boast strategic locations close to the city centre, ensuring all residences are but a short walk from the HZ University, the train station, local shopping areas, and the sun-kissed beach, making them perfect for students seeking convenience in their daily lives.
Each of the APV houses is unique, varying in size, location, and room types, catering to different student requirements. From sprawling spaces perfect for social butterflies who want to live with friends to cozier set-ups suited for those who prefer the intimacy of a smaller community — there is something for everyone.
APV Housing in Vlissingen offers the ideal solution for students wishing to find a balance between vibrant campus life and the comforts of a home-like environment.